Semi Custom Wedding Invitations by Blush Paper Co.


May 4, 2021

What are Semi Custom Wedding Invitations?

May 4, 2021

Our clients love being a #blushbride because it includes a one-on-one personalized design experience that is unique to each bride and groom.  Sometimes, though, a one-of-a-kind design isn’t in the budget.  Rather than having something created from scratch, semi-custom wedding invitations are a better investment.  Why? The core of the design is already there, giving you the flexibility to modify colors, wording, fonts and motifs.


semi-custom wedding invitations by blush paper co


Why Choose a Semi Custom Design?

They’re less expensive

No matter who you choose to work with, I feel confident saying that choosing a semi-custom wedding invitation suite will be less expensive than going the custom route.  The time involved for the designer (myself included!) is much less and thus, pricing is reflective.

I do not charge a design fee for semi-collection designs.  You’re welcome to change wording, fonts, colors and design motifs and it’s all inclusive!  My custom design fee starts at $240 and increases from there — so going the collection route does save quite a big if you’re looking to hang on to some moolah for your honeymoon!

Semi Custom Wedding Invitations by Blush Paper Co.

They’re quicker

An added bonus of semi-custom wedding invitations is that the turnaround time is much, much quicker than custom invites.  Because of the time involved and the labor intensive process, custom invitation suites can take me three to four months to design.  While its absolutely worth the wait, a semi-custom design can be turned around in a matter of days… so if you’re in a major time crunch, a semi-custom suite is definitely for you!


Semi Custom Wedding Invitations by Blush Paper Co.

Are Semi Custom Wedding Invitations Right for You?

A lot of couples see something they like and don’t see any reason to make a change.  I totally get that, and for that reason alone, semi-custom invitations are for you!  If you’ve found something you love why complicate a good thing?

How to Customize an Existing Design

Invitation Wording

The wording, of course, should be personalized to suit you and your wedding.  The reply cards and enclosures are personalized as well.  You can learn more about wedding invitation wording right here.


Want to change the entire look of your wedding invitation?  Change the font!  Trust me, it will change the entire vibe of your suite.

Semi Custom Wedding Invitations by Blush Paper Co.


Changing the color in your invitations, including the color of your paper, can make a huge impact.  This includes envelope colors, too.  Regardless of what print method you’re using, we offer unlimited color options for ink and have a wide range of foil colors to choose from.  Can’t decide on a color scheme?  We’ve got plenty of ideas for you to choose from!

Print Method

Consider changing your print method from digital to thermography or to letterpress for an upgrade and see watch your suite come to life.  It’s unreal how changing the print method can change the look and feel of your entire suite.  Wondering what print method is right for you?  Take the quiz here and find out!  

Semi Custom Wedding Invitations by Blush Paper Co.

Interested in using one of my semi custom designs for your wedding invitations? Fill out my questionnaire here and let’s chat!


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What are Semi Custom Wedding Invitations?

What are Semi Custom Wedding Invitations?

What are Semi Custom Wedding Invitations?

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