how to choose your wedding colors


September 28, 2020

Can’t decide on your wedding colors? : here’s how to pick the perfect palette!

September 28, 2020

You’re engaged!  I’ll bet the number one question everyone asks you, besides your wedding date, is “what’s your color scheme?”  Choosing your colors is one of the first things a couple does after setting their date.  It can be so exciting to set a color scheme but so hard, too!  It’s tempting to choose colors that are trendy or based of the season.

But I want to challenge you to take a different approach!  Here’s how to choose the perfect wedding colors without seeming trendy.

how to choose your wedding colors
Colors are so much more than something pretty to look at.  Did you notice they can make us feel certain emotions?   No shame in my nerd game, but I find the physiology of colors totally fascinating!
As a wedding invitation designer, I incorporate how you want your wedding day to feel into your invitations.  It’s why I stress the tone of your day so much!  This same concept applies to your wedding colors.

So, think about how you want your guests to feel on your wedding day, and let that help guide you decision.


1) Cozy, Calm, Relaxing

If you’re feeling a bit more laid back and relaxed, blues and greens will be your best bet.  Greens help you feel grounded and blue give off the vibe of relaxation.   Sage, dusty blue, navy, or mint are great options.



2) Joyful, Exciting

If you want more of that upbeat/ party-like atmosphere, yellows, reds, and oranges are what you are looking for. These help us feel energetic than other colors. Peaches, burgundy, or tangerine are just what you’re looking for.


3) Romantic, Fairytale-like

If you are imaging your wedding day like a blissful fairytale, all about love and romance, pinks and purples are perfect.  Pinks give the ultimate sense of unconditional love and romance, while purples are great for helping give that regal feel. Blush, lavender, or dusty rose are perfect for this.



4) Traditional, Classic, Peaceful

With weddings, nothing is more traditional that white and ivory. If you wanting a wedding that feels very classic and to pay tribute to family traditional, white, ivory, beige, and creams are what you want. Neutral colors will give that traditional vibe as well.




Of course, you can mix and match these colors to create a totally different feel!  

Are you wanting a classic, yet relaxed wedding day? You can choose classic ivory with navy and dusty blue accents.

Want a joyful, yet romantic feel to your wedding? Try pairing blush, dusty rose, and some pops of sunset yellow!

Do you have to stick to “seasonal” color schemes? Absolutely not!

Plus, there are certain “tones” of every color, so regardless of what you choose you can totally tweak it match the season.  My predictions for 2021? Mauve paired with ivory and grey.



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Can’t decide on your wedding colors? : here’s how to pick the perfect palette!

Can’t decide on your wedding colors? : here’s how to pick the perfect palette!

Can’t decide on your wedding colors? : here’s how to pick the perfect palette!

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