how to say "no kids" on your wedding invitations


April 20, 2021

“No Kids” Wedding Invitation Wording

April 20, 2021

Couples are increasingly concerned about how to say “no kids” on their wedding invitations without offending anyone.  This question comes up again and again, even during initial consultation with couples.  Whether it’s a cost concern, spacing issue or just your personal preference, having no kids at your wedding is something you need to specify.  But, how do you do it?


how to say "no kids" on your wedding invitations


The Proper Way: Envelope Addressing

The easiest way to go about doing this is by using inner and outer envelopes.  Seriously!  By the way the envelope is addressed, guests should know exactly who is and who isn’t invited to the wedding.  This is also applicated for inviting “plus ones”, allowing a single guest to bring a date.  No children’s name listed?  They’re not invited.  No “and guest” listed?  Your friend should fly solo.

how to address wedding invitations


I always recommend inner and outer envelopes for this very reason!


Adult Only Reception

While I never recommend putting “adult reception to follow” on an invitation itself, I do recommend you put this on one of your enclosure cards.  I’ll typically put this on your reception card so guests know it’s an adult only reception.  This is a clear way to get the point across.

Black and White Typography Wedding Invitations

Black Tie Wedding Invitations

Wedding Website

Your wedding website is the perfect place to announce that your wedding day is child-free.  Keep in mind that not everyone will visit your website, so be sure to add this information somewhere else – like on your invitation suite.

RSVP Card for Child-Free Wedding

Okay, this is where it gets tricky.  You want to word your RSVP card carefully, and in such a way that no additional guests can be invited.  But… how?
Never ever ever use a “number attending” line.  It literally invites your guest to write in any arbitrary number and believe me, it will happen.
Instead, use a line for them to write their names and allow guests to accept or decline the invitation.  That’s it.  Boom.  Done.

Including your Pet in your wedding stationery


Are you having a child free wedding? Let me know in the comments what made your decision!


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“No Kids” Wedding Invitation Wording

“No Kids” Wedding Invitation Wording

“No Kids” Wedding Invitation Wording

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