April 13, 2021

monogram wedding invitations

April 13, 2021

I might be from the north (Pittsburgh, born and raised!) but I believe monograms are a part of life.  From baby blankets to car decals, you can slap a monogram on just about anything these days… and I am HERE for it.

Uniting two lives and likely a name change makes your wedding the perfect occasion for using a wedding monogram.  Wedding invitations with monograms are my best sellers and are my #1 request, proof that couples love incorporating them into their wedding day details!

wedding monograms by blush paper co.


How to Use a Wedding Monogram

The best part of a wedding monogram is that you can use it to brand your entire wedding day.  From save the dates to thank you cards, and everything in between, add elements of your monogram to create a sense of total cohesion.  If your wedding was a brand, this would be the logo.

I love floral monograms for this reason:  We take elements from the logo and use it throughout the stationery to create a gorgeous, cohesive brand for your wedding day.  Your wedding stationery should look like sisters, not twins, and this is a perfect opportunity to use the same floral elements on your save the dates then showcase the crest on your formal initiations.  Re-use the crest on your ceremony programs, thank you cards, social stationery, or return address stamp.


Don’t just limit yourself to paper – I’ve had couples use the monogram I designed to create some really fun things! Turning it into the cover for a guest book, a cake topper, even using it as the dance floor! I provide a licensing options for my clients so that they can use the monogram however they’d like.

Wedding Monogram Set Up

So, how does a wedding monogram work?  If we work together (fingers crossed!) I take care of the etiquette for you.

If you’re designing your own monogram or are just curious: the traditional wedding monogram is the brides first initial and grooms first initial.  You never use a shared last name initial until after the wedding.  Note I said traditionally – it’s 2021 and things aren’t quite as traditional.  Two brides, two grooms, no name change — I’ve got your back.

So, how do you set up a wedding monogram? Well, if we work together (fingers crossed!) I will take care of this for you.

More often than not, my couples opt for an interlocking monogram with two initials.  You can never go wrong with a vintage monogram!

Watercolor Wedding Monogram on Wedding Programs


Monogram Wedding Invitation Designs

The good news is a monogram can be added to any of my semi-collection invitation designs – or removed, if you aren’t feeling the monogram trend.

Monograms look amazing in letterpress (my favorite!), foil stamping, thermography and of course, digital printing.  Wondering which print method is right for you?  Take our quiz and find out now!

wedding monograms by blush paper co. wedding monograms by blush paper co. wedding monograms by blush paper co.


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monogram wedding invitations

monogram wedding invitations

monogram wedding invitations

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