April 4, 2017

meet the BLUSHing bride: aubrey

April 4, 2017

 I’m so excited to be starting this series again!  Meet the BLUSHing bride blog series is back, and we’re kicking it off with one of the sweetest gals I get to work with this year:  Aubrey!

Joe and Aubrey have the most adorable love story, and I am so excited to be sharing it with you today.   I love that she and Joe share a love for Disney & am truly giddy over all of her fun details filled with personality!   It makes me so happy when couples pour their heart and soul into their weddings, and make it reflective of who they are.  Their outdoor ceremony site has a gorgeous coastal view, so pair that with their love story & you’ve got the perfect summer wedding!!

Enjoy getting to know these two & seeing a few favorite engagement pictures.


Joe & Aubrey | Blush Bride

Your Sweetheart’s Name:  Joe Ross
How’d you meet?: Our story began in the classroom of “The Learning Lounge” at our school, Grand Canyon University. We were assigned to 40 hours of tutoring grade school students of the community for our scholarship. The only problem was when there were not any kids to be tutored, it became a true form of torture. This was for the main reason that The Learning Lounge did not allow phones, computers, or any other means of avoiding talking to the other students in the lounge. This left us with two options, stare at the blank walls for 5 hours or make conversation, and so we chose the latter.
Joe left that night with one more number in his phone and a very big crush.
In the following three months, he tried countless times to get me to go on a date with him but I was busy and uninterested in anything other than a friendship.
Things he tried:
Texting me. Calling me. Leaving me messages. Asking me out to dinner. Asking me out for ice cream. Offering me rides to her car. Chasing me down outside the cafeteria (literally he ran).  Offering to walk with me to class. Offering to walk with me anywhere. Hopping in elevators with me just before the doors were about to close.
Despite my best efforts, the boy would not give up.
Then came the night of Midnight Madness. I was walking home from the game when I made direct eye contact with him. I quickly looked away hoping he didn’t notice. He did. He waved and I walked over to say hello. We exchanged a few words before I once again rushed a goodbye and turned to head home. He knew this would probably be his last shot. Not being one to throw away a buzzer beater, he blurted out  “hey, maybe you could show me that spot you were telling me about!”
I smiled, “sure, come on”
Fill in the blank: We go together like Disneyland and Dole Whip!

Joe & Aubrey | Blush Bride


When did you know he was the one? Did he know before you? How did you get engaged?  Were you surprised?  Did you cry?
While we were doing the Disney College Program at Disneyworld, Joe told me he had a surprise for me for our 2 year anniversary which he will plan little surprises for me every so often so it was nothing that out of the ordinary.  Late that afternoon he took me to the Grand Floridian and said we would do our presents there so I brought out his gift which was a Mickey Christmas sweater and a Santa hat (pretty lame I know, but that’s what he said he wanted). He genuinely seemed to love it so I was feeling pretty good since we are competitive with gifts (and really everything else). I sat expectingly waiting for mine but he told me I wouldn’t be getting mine yet. So of course I gave him a hard time about telling me it was gift time and then leaving me hanging.
Now, I’ve literally begged Joe to go dancing with me since we started dating and so he told me that since it was our two year he would go dancing with me! I got very excited and then I saw a Fairy Godmother looking woman announce from the balcony that Cinderella and Prince Charming would be coming down the Grand staircase to join us for a royal event. They came down and we ended up waltzing with them to A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes. I also discovered that I’m actually pretty terrible when it comes to slow dancing so I’m going to have to work on that before the wedding. Anyways, I was already feeling bad about my lame gift I got him when he told me he got fast passes to our favorite ride at Magic Kingdom. From there we took the monorail to Magic Kingdom. I felt a little self conscious about being so dressed up in the park but always up for riding Peter Pan without a wait. After flying over Neverland, we rode a couple more rides with short waits and I really wanted a pretzel but Joe said he had dinner reservations somewhere nice at which I was like “okay you need to stop I literally got you a Christmas sweater!!” So at sunset we rode The Launch back to the Grand and Joe refused to tell me where we were eating until we finally got there and he pointed to the windows at the top of the Grand and said we were eating at Citricos! Which every time we have visited the Grand, I’ve always envied all the fancy people up in the windows eating there. So at this point I’m thinking something is going on because of how unbelievable our date is. We eat there and I have the best meal I have ever had in my entire life and I’m pretty sure I was annoying the waiter telling him how good it was over and over. During dinner I had “gone to the bathroom” twice but I really was just fixing my hair because you just never know what may happen???
But when dinner was over, I was wondering if I had totally misjudged the whole thing. He seemed really calm and didn’t act like he was preparing for any kneeling of any kind. After dinner, we walked outside to the water and he said he had one last surprise for me and pointed to the boat out on the water. A man introduced himself as our captain for our private fireworks cruise and another woman who would be shadowing him for the evening. I’m in complete disbelief at this point as we board our boat together that has blankets and drinks and snacks all laid out and cruise around the water and islands. We got to see all kinds of cool abandoned Disney property and the electric water parade up close. It was incredible. After that, the captain pulled the boat right in front of the train station with a perfect view of the castle to watch the fireworks and turned on the music to Wishes. We watched the first few go off and then he turned to me, got on one knee and said nice things that I honestly can’t remember at all because I was a complete mess of tears. The so-called “captain’s shadow” starts taking all kinds of pictures and I manage to say “yes!” As he slides the ring on my finger, I burst into uncontrollable laughter. It was a happiness I can’t even begin to describe.
We hold each other as the rest of the fireworks continue to go off.
After the fireworks were over we came back to family and friends standing on the dock waiting and cheering for us. Joe gave me a book of pictures from the past year and we all enjoyed sparkling cider and cake together on the balcony at the Grand.
When and Where are you getting married? What made you decide on that time of year & location?
August 17th 2017 in San Diego
San Diego is our space. It’s always beautiful and peaceful and its our favorite place to escape the madness of life.
Describe your wedding in three words:
Nostalgic Walk (along the) Boardwalk


Now, tell me more!  Theme? Colors? Must haves?  Feel free to share your Pinterest board so we can ooh and aahh with you!
We will have lots of light blues, whites, and light pink. Cotton candy lemonade is a favorite of ours at the Cove bar in Disneyland so we will incorporate that along with large Marquee Sign Lettering and string market lighting to give it a Boardwalk/Pier feel.
What’s your favorite source of wedding inspiration? (Blog, Magazine, etc.)? ‘
I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest, Disneyland, and Disneyworld!
What have you loved the most about planning your wedding?
I am not the greatest planner which makes wedding planning a stretch for me, being that most everything I do is on a whim! But is a special thing to see how friends and family are willing to offer so much of their time and resources to help in any way they can. It’s humbling to see so much kindness and love from others and it has inspired me to love and help others in the same way.
What had been the most difficult about planning your wedding?
Details. I hate managing details and wedding are all about that! It has been a challenge and has forced me to pay attention to the small things which is actually helped me in every area of my life!
What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day, besides getting married?!
Definitely grabbing In and Out that night with my new hubby:) It’s our favorite place and its going to be nice to unwind and take it all in as newly weds!
Are you taking a honeymoon? Where are you going?!
Yes! We are going on a Disney cruise to the Bahamas! I have always wanted to go on a cruise and we are suckers for Disney!

color and theme inspiration

Why is marriage so important to you two? What are you most excited for or nervous about?
Ahhh marriage… The end-all for some and for others, the beginning of everything. To us, marriage is both the most exciting adventure and the most challenging feat. It’s saying goodbye to many of the comforts of being single and welcoming one of the most difficult and most rewarding journeys of a lifetime. I am excited to become closer to my soon-to-be-husband, to learn more about the intricacies of him everyday. I am excited to walk through all of life together, to experience the greatest joys of life and overcome the hardest obstacles as a team. I am excited to see how far we will go and how much we will grow. I am nervous about getting distracted. I want our marriage and our life to be centered on the most important things in life: love, generosity, kindness ect., It’s so easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter as much, like the bills and having fancy things. I want our life to be something we can look back on when we are old and say, “we made the best of it, we worked hard and we loved harder. When things got difficult, we held onto hope and we never gave up.”
Do you have any advice for a newly engaged couple?
I’m only a few months into this engaged thing so I am not sure if I am the most qualified person to be giving advice! But I will say my favorite piece of marriage advice I’ve heard is also probably the most simple and its this, “the only way to stay married, is to just stay married.” I know that doesn’t seem very profound and it isn’t. Relationships are tough, there’s no way around it. I don’t think there is a secret to it, really. But I do think if you can stick with it and hold onto hope on your worst days, you will learn so much about each other and yourself. The greatest joys of our relationship have come after the most difficult struggles and that is one thing I try to remember whenever things get hard.
What’s up next for you two?! After the “I Do’s” what exciting things do you have in store?
We are going to be fresh out of college so its a lot of question marks! We are in the middle of deciding if we are going to stay in California or move to Arizona where it is cheaper to live. He will be starting on his career and his masters degree and I would love to work for a website creator company and eventually start a website design business. We have a lot to figure out still but that’s what makes it exciting, I guess!
Joe & Aubrey | Blush Bride





  1. Ashley Elias says:

    Love this and love you Aubrey!

  2. Ash grandparents says:

    Great job answering the questions. See you both soon.
    So much fun ahead. God’s best to you both. Grandma and Grandpa.

  3. Christina (Ross) Snedden says:

    This crazy Ross clan already loves you, Aubrey! Welcome to the family. I look forward to meeting you. XOXO PS. I love you, Joe! Very happy for you! <3

  4. Aunt Lou Ann and Uncle Sean says:

    We are so happy that God put you two together! You make an amazing couple.We love you both and can’t wait to celebrate on your wedding day!

  5. Broc Beamon says:

    This was an amazing story! I read the whole think I think twice! Super excited and proud of you guys! Praying for blessing and favor for both of you!!

  6. Chrissy Canning says:

    Aubrey , I’m so excited for you . Thanks for sharing your story . I o of someone I. San Diego. It’s Michas mom in law . She decorates for weddings . She is amazing ! If you need her help I can call her and get you in can show her what you like on pinter estate and she’ll make it happen! She did an Alice I. Wonderland shower for Micha and she did Bekah’s Wedding.. And some of Michas let me know. Can’t wait to see you get married !

  7. Bekah C says:

    Beautiful story and wise words…made me cry!! I’m so happy for you, Aubrey!! Best wishes and many blessings to you and Joe, now and always!! <3

  8. Jennifer Ross says:

    Love you both

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meet the BLUSHing bride: aubrey

meet the BLUSHing bride: aubrey

meet the BLUSHing bride: aubrey

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