mistakes on wedding invitations


November 10, 2020

4 Invitation Mistakes: What Not to Include on Wedding Invitations

November 10, 2020

There’s a lot of overwhelming formal “rules” and traditional etiquette when it comes to weddings.  Some of it can really be outdated and some is contradictory.  When it comes to wedding invitations and the wording, I always say you should do what makes you feel most comfortable and what makes the most sense for your event.  But, there are a few mistakes that I think should be avoided in any circumstance, traditional or not.  Here are the top 4 mistakes to avoid on your formal wedding invitations.

mistakes on wedding invitations



This applies to everything on the invitation other than Mr. and Mrs.  Dates, including the day and the year, should be spelled out completely.  Now, I can be a rule breaker — and we can definitely use 2020 instead of spelling out two thousand twenty – but times should not be abbreviated and shouldn’t include AM or PM.  Your venue name shouldn’t be shortened, and you ought to spell out the full street name (including road, street, lane, etc).


Zip codes are for mailing, and should only be on an envelope.  Please, pretty please, do not include a zip code on your formal invitation.  You can include it on your enclosure cards, though.


All wording should be contained to the front side of the invitation. Consider adding an insert card if you have extra information for your guests.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations



It isn’t polite to tell people to buy you gifts, so consider including your registry information with your invitations a huge faux pas.  Even though it’s expected for a couple to create a registry, putting that information on your invitations is considered a huge no-no.  It is expected to include this with your bridal shower invitations though.

the work around?  List your wedding website on a details website inviting your guests to visit your website for more information.  Have your registries links there along with more important specifics for guests like things to do around town.  Bridesmaids and parents of the bride and groom can also share your registry information through word of mouth.




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4 Invitation Mistakes: What Not to Include on Wedding Invitations

4 Invitation Mistakes: What Not to Include on Wedding Invitations

4 Invitation Mistakes: What Not to Include on Wedding Invitations

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