November 6, 2020

Choosing a Print Method for Wedding Invitations

November 6, 2020

During our consultation I ask a lot of questions, including what print method you’re interested in.  Some clients come to me knowing exactly what they want but others have no clue what I’m talking about.  That’s totally fine – my job is to educate you – and today I’m going to break down all the different wedding invitation print methods I offer and what the difference is.

I currently offer wedding invitations with digital (flat) printing, foil stamping, letterpress, thermography, and engraving.  There are also options to combine more than one printing technique to really add texture to your invitation experience!

Different Print Methods for Wedding Invitations


When it comes to selecting your print methods, there are three big factors that should drive your decision:  desired results, your budget, and the timeline.  If you’re on a tight budget and timeline, digital printing is an excellent option.  It’s the most flexible for incorporating artwork and lots of color.  Read more on how much wedding invitations cost and how to make the most of your stationery budget here!

If you you want to add some sparkle and shine, or texture to your suite, let’s incorporate foil, letterpress or thermography.

So, what are the different print methods?  Why do they even matter?  Let’s find out.


Digital Printing, $

Digital printing is the least expensive print method with the most versatility and least amount of limitations than any other printing method.

With digital printing, you can incorporate full color artwork.  Digital printing can be done alone (as shown below) or used as the base of a foil or letterpress design. If your design is 100% digitally printed, you’ll be able to run your hand across the printed paper and not feel anything raised or embossed into the paper.  I offer a variety of paper options for digital printing, but the most popular is our 111# matte stock which can also be duplexed for an ultra thick feel.


Colorado Watercolor Map Wedding Invitations


Thermography, $$

A thermography invitation will have the ink raised – somewhat similar to engraving. In my opinion, this is the most traditional look of printing wedding invitations. It gives the glam vibe, but without the shiny-ness of foil stamping.

To keep the cost down, we have a collection of thermography inks to select from.  But, the sky is the limit!  We can mix custom inks as well for an additional cost.

In this example, the florals were digitally printed while the text was done in thermography.

Thermography Printing Invitations


Foil Stamping, $$$

Foil stamping is the only way to achieve a true metallic look and you can see the shimmer as you move the paper.  It’s a great way to add a bit of texture and shine to your invitation!  It can be done alone or with a digitally printed base.

Believe it or not, the options seem to be endless when it comes to choosing a foil color and can seem a bit overwhelming at times but I’m happy to help you narrow down your selection.  I currently have two books with pages upon pages of foil options ranging from gold to rose gold and everything from holographic silver to teal.  I prefer to print foil stamped invitations on lettra paper.  Why does this matter?  Because the paper is more pillowy, leaving a deeper impression.

Want a custom quote today?  Fill out my questionnaire here!

I most commonly see foil stamping done in spot, which is a fancy way of saying done sparingly.  Consider foiling just your names on your invitation or only your monogram.  Rarely do I see an entire invitation foiled unless it’s on dark paper.

Rose Gold Foil Letterpress Wedding Invitation


Letterpress, $$$$

Ahh, letterpress.  I have serious heart-eyes for the pillowy, soft impression of letterpress printing.  This wedding invitation print method dates back to the 15th century making it a true antique.  Pairing this centuries-old print method with modern design truly is an art.

Letterpress is right for you if you want texture, one or two colors injected into your invitation, a classic, romantic touch to your invitations.  It truly is an art form.  It can be paired with digital printing and foil stamping to inject more color.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations


Still undecided as to which wedding invitation print method works best for you?  That’s okay!  I made this handy quiz to help guide you.


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Choosing a Print Method for Wedding Invitations

Choosing a Print Method for Wedding Invitations

Choosing a Print Method for Wedding Invitations

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