April 20, 2017

The Biggest Wedding Trends You’ll See in 2017

April 20, 2017

Fashion is fleeting, and trends may come and go — but classic and timeless will always be in style.  That’s why we are so excited for the hottest wedding inspiration to hit 2017:  lush greenery, mixed metallics, dusty blues, branded weddings and timeless stationery.  They make for an amazing combination, but more importantly, create a classic and timeless style that are proved to stand the test of time.


Greenery Wedding Trends | Blush Paper Co.


We started getting requests to incorporate greenery into wedding stationery long before Pantone announced it was the color of the year — and I’d like to think that means our brides have excellent taste!  Green is a gorgeous, neutral color, making is an excellent accent for any wedding theme — from organic, outdoor weddings to elegant, historical affairs.

Consider hanging eucalyptus from a chandelier or  including olive branches on your wedding cake.  It makes for a stunning detail that won’t go unnoticed!

Photography by Lauren Renee


Mixed Metals Wedding Trends | Blush Paper Co.

It’s so hard to choose when there’s so many gorgeous foil and metal colors to pick from!  Silver, rose gold, copper, and gold are some of the most popular options.    The idea is to incorporate a mixture of these metals throughout your wedding day, including your florals, stationery and decor.  Feeling bold?  Try incorporating the color into your wedding dress.  Our daring bride, Tracy, had a silver-blue dress!  We were even able to match her invitation foil color to her dress.  #winning

Photography by Leeann Marie


Dusty Blue Wedding Trends | Blush Paper Co.

Blush might be our favorite color, but this dusty French blue is slowly taking over the #1 spot in our heart.  This light, airy blue adds a gorgeous, feminine and airy touch to any wedding.  Pairing it with navy blue adds elegance and romance;  splashes of green and white add in drama and dimension.  While we love this look for an ocean-side wedding, we can also see this color being used throughout an outdoor countryside affair!



Wedding Trends | Blush Paper Co.

We love seeing a theme carry throughout the entire wedding day.  Whether it’s a shape, color, motif or monogram, embrace your creativity and use it throughout your wedding decor, stationery, baked goods and reception site.

For Christine’s art deco wedding, Bella Christie used our geometric pattern from her custom wedding stationery and re-created it for one of her five (yes, five!) wedding cakes.  Christine carried the soft pink color throughout her reception, and we softened her geometric pattern by making round menus for her dinner tables.

Photography by Amber Marie






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The Biggest Wedding Trends You’ll See in 2017

The Biggest Wedding Trends You’ll See in 2017

The Biggest Wedding Trends You’ll See in 2017

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