Envelope Liners: Do i need them?


March 3, 2020

what’s an envelope liner?

March 3, 2020

Your invitations are multifaceted, multitasking dynamos.  They’re the first glimpse your guests get into your wedding day celebration.  It’s why we work so closely together to find a design that compliments your wedding theme, personalities and style.  Your wedding invitation is a chance to inject small details to make it fun!

One way to add personality to your wedding invitations is through your envelope liner.  It’s a great place to sneak in a fun pattern, extra color, or a metallic shine.  But if you’re wondering what an envelope liner is, and if you even need one, I’m here to break it all down for you today.

Envelope Liners: Do i need them?

What are envelope liners?

Envelope liners are just what they sound like:  paper that goes on the inside flap of your invitation envelope.  There are so many possibilities for design, including patterns, maps and metallic liners.  It’s such a fun way to add color and texture to your envelopes!

But, they’re more than just pretty paper because envelope liners help protect your invitation suite when they go through the mail.  It adds a layer of protection between your envelope and the invitation suite, ensuring your paper doesn’t get bent or torn as it goes through the mail.

Map Envelope Liners with Blush Paper Co.

What do envelope liners look like?

This is where you can let your creativity flow!  Envelope liners are an excellent way to inject personality and color into your invitation suite.   I offer solid color envelope liners in both matte and metallic, but patterned liners like floral print, stripes, and maps are other super popular options.  Liners are an excellent place for artwork, wedding monograms, and even photos.

Floral Pattern Envelope Liner | blush Paper Co.Blush Metallic Envelope Liner } Blush Paper Co.


Do I need envelope liners?

Most often, envelope liners are an option upgrade.  I recommend using an envelope liner under a few circumstances, though.  If you’re using inner and outer envelopes, for example, or printing on double thick paper.  And, if you’re using any element that makes the envelope thicker — like a ribbon or a wax seal — adding a liner is an excellent idea.  It supports the envelopes, making it thicker, and helps it go through the sorting machine at the post office.  You’ll thank me for this tip later!



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what’s an envelope liner?

what’s an envelope liner?

what’s an envelope liner?

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