2022 wedding invitation trends


December 14, 2021

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2022

December 14, 2021

Every year, styles change and evolve. I began to see the shift in late 2021, but I’m excited to share what I predict will be wedding invitation trends for 2022. I base these trends on the shift I begin to see in style and preference with my couples not only in their paper goods, but in lifestyles, magazines, fashion design and color predictions.  Here are the top 4 wedding invitation trends for 2022.

2022 wedding invitation trends

Trend #1: Acrylic

Absolutely, the most popular item for 2022 is using acrylic in your wedding invitation, be it an invitation or signage.  I’m selling more and more signage to brides and their #1 selection is acrlyic!

Things to know:  Acrylic comes in various thicknesses, and for the most part you’ll find that our acrylic signs start around 1/8″ — which is pretty darn thick.  They’re available in frosted or clear, and we can print in color or black and white.

Print Methods: Acrylic cannot be printed with digital printing. It must be printed with a flatbed method such as UV printing or Foil Pressing.

What they cost: You should anticipate investing $25-$30 per invitation and keeping in mind postage is roughly $2 each, depending on your location.  Acrylic signs run about $200 each.

Frosted Acrylic Unplugged Ceremony Sign



Trend #2: Deckled Edges

The term “deckled edge” refers to a rough, hand-torn edge on a piece of paper.  Sometimes, this is created naturally and is most commonly seen with handmade papers.  Handmade paper can be very pricey and doesn’t come in many color options.  In many cases, we hand deckle the papers ourselves to get the same look!  Nothing can ever replicate the delicate feel and appearance of a quality handmade paper, though.  While handmade paper is second to none, it does have it’s limitations in weight and color — and you cannot print to the edge of the paper, either.  Hand Deckled card stock can be made out of virtually any paper, we can print directly to the edge (called full bleed printing) and we know that the paper is compatible with any print method.

Print Methods: Best suited to digital printing and foil or letter pressing. We do not recommend UV printing on deckled edge paper. If the paper is a dark shade – we also do not recommend letter pressing unless black ink will provide enough contrast.

What they cost: You should anticipate investing $10-$15 per invitation

Handmade Deckled Paper

Trend #3: Venue paintings and venue drawings

Aside from envelope liners and monograms, I think venue paintings and sketches are my favorite design element!  Having a custom hand painting image of your venue will set the scene of your wedding months before your guests ever lay eyes on the property.  Worried about injecting too much color?  Consider a venue sketch instead, a more architectural and softer design.

Print Methods: Watercolor paintings must be done with digital printing – or even UV printing, when applied on acrylic. They cannot be printed with foil or letterpress.   Venue sketches can be done in letterpress or foil, or digitally printed if you prefer.

What they cost: You should anticipate investing $500 or more into the creation of your artwork. Remember – these are hand painted and hand drawn by a very skilled artist. This is not just standard clipart you’d find online! You are commissioning an artist to complete this work for you – and the results will be worth every penny!

PPG Wintergarden Venu Sketch


Trend #4: Nature-inspired hues

Welcome to 2022:  the year of GREEN.  I have more brides using shades of green than ever before, and I’m here for it.   They’re incorporating it into letterpress colors, envelopes, or calligraphy color, and I love every single second of it.

Print Methods: These colors can be achieved with any print method you’d like. However, if you’re looking to include a large array of shades – digital printing, at least for some of your invitation – will be the best option for you. Because pressed methods can really only support 1 or 2 colors, printing a full bouquet of colors may be best left to digital printing. I personally love the look of a foil pressed or letterpressed invitation mixed with a digitally printed floral envelope liner.

What they Cost: With fully custom invitations – there isn’t a difference in price for changing the color. The price more comes down to the type of invitation you choose as well as the print method used.

Pittsburgh Map Envelope Liner Blush Paper Co. Pittsburgh Green Letterpress Invitation Pittsburgh Green Letterpress Invitation


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Wedding Invitation Trends for 2022

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2022

Wedding Invitation Trends for 2022

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