January 24, 2017

Valentines Day with Zazzle

January 24, 2017

With Valentines Day fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about what I can do to make it super special!  We don’t go overboard here in the house, but with two little girls under 5 we do like to decorate and make the day a little extra sparkly.

Before we had kids, we used to go out to dinner and get each other gifts.  Now the day is a bit more focused on the kids and what we can do for them.  We still treat ourselves to something, but totally skip the gifts.  This year, we’ll probably get the babysitter on a random weekend and go out for dinner and drinks sometime toward the end of the month.  Now that we have a fireplace in the new home, we really like to decorate the mantle for the holidays.  The girls love making crafts and hanging their artwork to show everyone.  We’re big on decorating for the holidays in general, and with an open concept kitchen/living room, we’ve been going all out this year!

I thought it would be fun to make some gifts and home decor on Zazzle this year, and here are the fun ideas I’ve come up with:

Let's Snuggle Pillow via Zazzle Lets Snuggle Pillow // via zazzle

Pink and Red Hearts Valentine MugPink and Red Hears Love Valentine Mug // via Zazzle

Teal Towel Zazzle Love you a Latte Tea Towel // via Zazzle

There are thousands and thousands of gifts and decor available on Zazzle, including cards and postage.  My favorite, though, are the Kids Valentines — there are some incredibly adorable and one of a kind cards available, and I can’t wait to order my kids’ cards this year!  Which are your favorite?  Check out their entire Valentines collection here.



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Valentines Day with Zazzle

Valentines Day with Zazzle

Valentines Day with Zazzle

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