January 14, 2013

stationery guide: what is it & do i need it?

January 14, 2013

I’m commonly asked what a reception card is, followed by “Do I even need it?”  The majority of the time, my answer depends on your specific wedding.  Is your ceremony and reception being held at the same location?  Other common questions, like, “Do I need a belly band?” boil down to personal preference.


To help you answer all of your questions, I’ve put together a comprehensive stationery guide.  We’re kick starting our Stationery Guide week with a free download for you.  Over the next week, we will review the most common stationery components, the ins and outs of your invitations, and discuss printing methods.

Today, we will begin with reviewing the most common stationery components and help you determine what pieces you’ll need to create the ultimate wedding package.

wedding invitations by blush printables
example of a complete wedding invitation suite

southwest wedding invitations by blush printables
example of address wrap and belly band
Through this week long series, we’ll explore the ins and outs of wedding stationery.  What components make up your wedding suite?  What pieces are optional, and which are required?  How much postage will I need?  How should I word my invitations? 
Our comprehensive Wedding Stationery Guide will help you navigate your way through the ordering process, and will answer your most common questions.
stationery guide by blush printables

Feel free to download the complimentary guide Hopefully it will provide an insight on the ins and outs of wedding stationery! Blush Printables Stationery Guide


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stationery guide: what is it & do i need it?

stationery guide: what is it & do i need it?

stationery guide: what is it & do i need it?

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