Pittsburgh Wedding Save the Date


June 1, 2021

Save the Dates: a How-to Guide

June 1, 2021

Curious about the how, when and why about Save the Dates?  Once you’ve figure out the location and your wedding date, it’s time to start thinking about sending out Save the Dates.

Pittsburgh Wedding Save the Date


Do I need to send a Save the Date?

In short? YES!  There’s a number of reasons why sending a Save the Date card is a good idea.  For starters, it’s a great way to get your guests excited about your big day!  It gives them something to remind them of the event to come — it’s something tangible they can put on their fridge or bulletin board as a helpful visual that will keep the date on top of their mind.

And, unless you and your fiancé are from the same town AND you’re having a hometown wedding, it’s a good bet that many of your guests will have to travel.  You’ll want to give them plenty of time to make arrangements, set aside money for plane fare and in general, plan their trip.

 A Save the Date card is a lovely courtesy to your guests and the perfect keepsake to let everyone know 6-8 moths before your wedding what you’re planning.

Pittsburgh Wedding Save the Date


When to Send a Save the Date

You’ll want to send your Save the Dates about six to eight months in advance.  With less than six months notice, your guests may not have enough time to make travel plans (and you’re starting to get into wedding invitation territory).  Sending them too early is also not ideal.  Your card might be misplaced or not seem as important, and in some instances, your plans could change.  Maybe the venue you had your heart set on suddenly opened up and you’ve changed locations, and now you have a whole slew of people to inform.  Yikes!

One exception to the rule is if you’re having a destination wedding.  If your wedding requires a passport, send those babies out 9-12 months in advance.  Sending it out early gives your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements and time to renew their passports!

What kind of Save the Date should I send?

A printed Save the Date card is the best way to let your guests know – it’s something they can keep handy as a reminder of your wedding day.  It’s lightweight, affordable to mail, and relatively cost efficient and fast to produce.  We offer guest addressing so you can get these puppies in the mail super fast!   And what better way to use your engagement photos, too!?

For my full-service clients, I like to work backwards.  We’ll design the monogram for the invitation first, then a secondary monogram for the Save the Date.  It’s like a sister-set, so to speak, so the Save the Date sets the stage for what’s to come — like a peek into the wedding invitation!  It creates excitement and gives guests something fun to look forward to.  We can really get creative with the design and envelopes which can be exciting.

Pittsburgh Wedding Save the Date


Does it need to have a photo?

Heck no!  See the sample Save the Date above.  Nearly every thing I create is custom, so we can design anything your heart desires.

Of course, if you’ve had engagement photos taken, a photo Save the Date is a wonderful way to share your favorite picture with your family and friends!
Now that you know all the ins and outs of sending Save the Dates, you’re ready for the really fun part — designing them!  Contact me today to get started.



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Save the Dates: a How-to Guide

Save the Dates: a How-to Guide

Save the Dates: a How-to Guide

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