October 7, 2011

{made with love} coming to term(s)

October 7, 2011

Here I am at 34.5 weeks along. I felt huge, and seriously didn’t think I could get any bigger. Now I’m 38 weeks along, and too embarrassed to show you my most recent photo. Let’s just say that yesterday, someone at the grocery store said, “Oh honey, you better get what you need & get going… we’re not equipped to deliver babies!” When I told her I still had two weeks left, her eyes got bigger and said, “Twins? Or just a big baby?” FAIL.

{34.5 weeks}

{37weeks, 5 days}

Now that I’m full term, baby bean can make her debut whenever she damn well pleases. I’ve been having contractions for the last week or so, but nothing to get excited over. They are either too far apart (7-10 minutes) or stop after 45 minutes or so. Today, my doctor told me that if they get to be 5 minutes apart for one hour, she wants me to call in.

At 29 weeks, we found out that Miss Bean was breech. It wasn’t a big deal until I went for my 34 week appointment & she was still breech. Ultrasound confirmed this, and my doctor brought up the “C” word: C-section.
Totally not in my birth plan, but then again, I don’t have much choice. We aren’t candidates for an external version (and didn’t want one, anyway), so a c-section was scheduled for 5 days before my due date, on October 21.

Fun Fact: When the idea of a c-section first came about, I read that doctors usually scheduled them between 38 and 39 weeks of pregnancy. We tossed around dates, just for fun, and one of them was October 21. My brothers birthday is August 21, and we thought it would be a great nod toward Uncle Stephen. None of the other dates held any significance to us, so we stuck with 10/21 just for fun. When I was told that I was having a c-section, my OB said that a nurse would call me later that afternoon to schedule the appointment & told me to pick any date after October 19th. They were supposed to call me at my office, but called my cell by accident instead (which I’d left at home that day, and specifically asked them to call me at my office!), and the nurse left a message saying that it had been scheduled for 10/21 (day we wanted) with my favorite OB (the OB I wanted to do my surgery!). I’m taking this as a good sign.

Today, my doctor guesstimated that Chloe weighed around 6.5lb and said she’d be surprised if she was more than 8lbs at birth. Of course, it’s just a guess, and we’ll know for sure by next Friday. I’m surprised she guessed such a low weight — my aching back and bulging belly disagree with her 6lb theory 🙂

We are SO ready for this little girl to get here! I’m still putting the finishing touches on her nursery, but I’m hoping to have everything done & take photos to share with you all by the end of the week.

In other news? I FINALLY quit my day-job. I’m officially a full-time designer & by the end of next week I’ll be a full-time mommy too!


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{made with love} coming to term(s)

{made with love} coming to term(s)

{made with love} coming to term(s)

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