September 7, 2011

{made with love} 33 week update

September 7, 2011

It’s so hard to believe that in a few short weeks, our darling Chloe will be here!

Miss Bean wasn’t very cooperative at our 18 week scan, so the OB sent us back for another ultrasound at week 28 to check her heart. So on August 9th, which also happened to be our 3 year anniversary, I got another little peek at baby G. Everything was normal, as we suspected, and the ultrasound tech even sneaked us a few 3D photos of Chloe!

It is so hard to believe that my little bean went from this:

{12 weeks}

to this:



I remember going for a scan at12 weeks, and the tech sneaking a 3D scan for us then, too. My mom was with me at the time, and I kept saying, “the baby has Ben’s nose!” but no one else saw it. Well, lo and behold: Our child has her fathers nose.

It blows my mind how incredibly detailed these scans are! You can make out her eyes (we think she has my eye shape!), her nose (definitely her daddys!) and her lips (whoa, where did those big full lips come from?!).

So here’s what’s been going on since my last update:
– 20 of us took a family vacation to the Outer Banks. I lived in the swimming pool the whole week. It was really nice to be with family, though, and I hope we can go on another vacation like this in the future!!

{night fishing with my husband}

– My baby shower was the weekend after we got home. It was incredible and Chloe is so blessed to be surrounded by such love and thoughtfulness. I’m still waiting for my aunts to share their photos with me, so until then, I don’t have any to post. This, however, is a picture my sister snapped a few days later of the aftermath:

{I won’t lie: I think it’s cute that my mom is OK with the baby sleeping at her house!!}

Chloe got so much clothes and I’m pretty sure she officially has more than me.

– We’ve been busy busy busy working on the nursery & making sure everything is ready for Bean’s arrival. Everything is set up, in it’s place, clothes are washed, folded and put away.

– Because I’ve had pre-term contractions several times now, my OB thinks that I’ll have her some time between weeks 36 and 38. That’s in three weeks!! We’re getting ready just in case, but whenever Chloe decides it’s her birthday… that’s when she’ll be born 🙂

– We’re attending childbirth classes, which are definitely giving me more confidence about labor.

Since we’ve been working on the assumption that she’ll be here at 36 weeks, we’ve really busted our butts trying to get everything done. It’s strange (sort of?) that there isn’t much left to do but wait. The hospital bag has been packed. The birth plan has been printed out. Now all we need is a baby 🙂


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{made with love} 33 week update

{made with love} 33 week update

{made with love} 33 week update

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