June 23, 2011

{made with love} 22 week update

June 23, 2011

well, I promised that I’d keep you all posted! I hope that my 22 week update isn’t too boring 🙂

Day to Day Life: It’s so crazy how much things have changed, and in such a short period of time. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Then I found myself staying up a bit later, maybe 9 or 10pm, and now? I can hardly fall asleep. I have all my energy back and am a night owl again. I’m anxious to see how long this phases lasts… but it’s safe to say that I’m finally getting a lot of things done, and it feels great to be “me” again.

Weight: I’m up a grand total of 7lbs in 22 weeks, and while it feels like a lot.. it actually isn’t. And on that note, I’m really struggling to accept my new body. It seems like my weight has redistributed itself, and my ass has it’s own zip code. And *hello* arm flab, never had you before.

Movement: Pretty much the coolest thing in the universe. Chloe likes to poke back whenever her daddy touches my belly. She must be a little stinker though: I can put my hand on my belly all day long and she won’t move an inch… but her papa rests his hand on my belly while we relax at night, and she won’t stop fluttering around!

On a more serious note, we had a little bit of a scare last week. I felt as though I was maybe overreacting because I have an incredibly low tolerance for pain but I called my OBs office and decided to let them be the judge. I’d been feeling achy and crampy for close to a week, which is a normal part of pregnancy, but I woke up that morning and was in pretty intense abdominal pain. Something just didn’t feel right. As my husband pointed out to the doctor that morning, I’d abruptly rolled over in my sleep that night (how do I not remember this?!) and he thought that maybe I’d pulled a muscle.

Everything turned out to be OK, and all my testing came back negative (thank god). They think that Chloe is having a growth spurt & my body was trying to play catch up. She’s been consistently measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule, but since I had a dating scan at 8 weeks they’re not changing my due date. So what’s this mean for me? Well, I have to drink A LOT of water to keep myself hydrated. Surprisingly, this was an insta-fix for me. I haven’t had any type of pain or discomfort since… so just goes to show you what a glass of water can do for ya! Secondly, this means I’m going to have one chubster of a baby. HA! It’s true, though: They’re thinking she’ll be a good 8-10lbs when she’s born, unless she comes early (and this mama hopes she does).

On a lighter note, we started our baby registry and holy crap babies need a ton of things. We had a lot of fun doing the registry, though, and now my mom & sister are planning the baby shower (it’s Coco Chanel themed!!). I was put in charge of the printables, so I’ll be sure to share the baby shower suite I’ve designed for the event 🙂

And because there has been lots of requests on facebook & twitter for a bump shot, here’s my 22 week bumparoo in all it’s glory… complete with zip-code-ass & arm flab:



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{made with love} 22 week update

{made with love} 22 week update

{made with love} 22 week update

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