September 18, 2012

how to buy on Etsy

September 18, 2012

Have you ever found something PERFECT online, ordered it, then wanted to cry when it arrived at your doorstep because it wasn’t what you were expecting?

I have. It totally sucks, doesn’t it?

More often than not, it’s our own faults. Like the time I thought I ordered this awesome shirt in gold, but it came in yellow. Or the time I ordered this amazing pair of heels… in the wrong size. Each store has their own set of return or exchange policies. I’ve made my fair share of online ordering oopsies, so I’m (embarrassingly) well acquainted with the return policies for a few stores. I’m pointing to YOU, Zappos!

Here’s my point: If I had taken the time to review my cart before pressing “submit”, I could have avoided these mistakes. Once, I ordered from a shop that had a no-return, no-exchange policy. I have no one to blame but myself. I should have taken the time to review their policies (which were totally in gigantic red letters, by the way) and review my cart before checking out.

I do my best to make your shopping experience with me as easy as possible. I want you to have a worry free experience. I try to make important information stand out so there’s little confusion as to what you’re actually getting. And I’m really great at answering convos and emails in a timely manner (thank you, iPhone!) so if you’re ever confused about something just shoot me a message! (disclaimer: please keep in mind that I live on the East Coast and have a baby. If I don’t answer you at 4am, I’m not dodging your emails! I’m probably sleeping. Honest.)


Each of my listings are set up the same way. You’ll see:
DETAILS, DETAILS which explains what you’re getting and how you get it.

HOW IT WORKS which explains the ordering, processing and delivery procedures
MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED which explains what materials are necessary to complete your DIY project
ETC, ETC which includes a link to my shop policies and procedures

Some listings include information that others don’t, so it’s super important that you carefully read the listing in its entirety. Some listings include free revisions. Others don’t. Some allow you to change certain text, while others come as-is. A few listings offer complimentary color change, while others charge a fee.

See what I mean? This is why it’s so important to R-E-A-D.

I order from Etsy all the time, and always make sure I carefully read (and understand) the listing. I most recently ordered from an amazing woman and probably made her dizzy with all my questions. In the end, I was a happy buyer. She was a happy seller. I have the most amazing keepsake and photo-prop for my daughters first birthday shoot.

Not all transactions have a happy ending, though. I recently had a terrible interaction with a customer. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me close to tears.

She made a purchase from me, but didn’t read the listing in it’s entirety. She provided the information I requested to complete her order, so I fulfilled the order and sent it her way. She wrote me back a horrible email, berating me and demanding that I make changes for free. Here’s the catch: The specific changes she was requesting incur an additional fee. These requests were not a part of her original order. And, if they had been, I would have gently reminded her that the disclaimer regarding this type of request can be found right in my online listing. I assumed that since she purchased the invitation and provided the requested information, that she knew what she’d be getting.


See right there, at the bottom, where it explains that I’d like the information included exactly as you’d like it to appear? And the little blurb about the text-change fee?

The buyer overlooked this information and was upset that her file wasn’t formatted as she preferred. Here’s a secret, guys: I’m not a mind reader. I have absolutely no idea if your name is Mari or Marie. I have no clue if you live on 123 Main Street South, Detroit, Michigan or 123 Main Street, South Detroit, Michigan. This is why it’s so important that you provide information exactly as you’d like it to appear.

This buyer used threatening language to try to sway me to do the work for her for free. I offered to do it at a deeply discounted rate, but her threats continued… and then came the negative feedback that included downright lies. My head is seriously spinning. I don’t know how to make my listing and it’s information more clear. Also? I don’t respond to threats very well.

You guys. I’m practically in tears. I pride myself on providing professional design at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. More often than not, my clients become my friends. We joke around, share tidbits of our lives with one another, and talk about everything from our kids to party planning to the latest trends. You are so much more than a buyer to me. So when I get a nasty email that brings me to tears, I kind of get a little emotional.

So, I’m off my emotional soapbox now. I hope you’ll take the time to read listings and ask questions. This goes for ALL sellers, not just me. There is no such thing as a stupid question, so please don’t be afraid to ask. I have experience as a buyer and as a seller, and I don’t hesitate to ask questions if I’m unclear about something. I’ve also learned, through my own online shopping experiences, that it’s important to read the listing and know what you’re getting.

I really, really do love what I do. I love my customers, I love designing, and I love being a part of your wedding day and baby shower and birthday party.

You are so much more than a buyer to me. I cannot stress that enough. And, you know, I love you!


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how to buy on Etsy

how to buy on Etsy

how to buy on Etsy

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