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March 17, 2020

how to address your wedding invitations

March 17, 2020

“How do we address our invitations?” is a question I get asking by literally every couple I work with.  You might be thinking, “just write their names and address! It’s like sending a Christmas card!” and while you’re not entirely wrong, there’s actually a lot more to it and a few key details when addressing that can save you a huge headache further down the line.  Like, did you know that the way you address your invitations implies who is invited to your wedding?  This is key when those RSVP’s start rolling in and all of a sudden there’s a bunch of plus 1’s that you didn’t intend on having..  I covered how to address this (no pun intended) in my RSVP card wording post, but you want to double-whammy this with you invitation addressing as well.

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Before you do anything else, decide if you’ll be addressing your invitations formally or informally.  This decide is easily made when you consider where you are getting married.  If you’re getting married at a swanky hotel downtown, opt for the formal way of addressing.  If you’re getting married in your backyard or in a barn, consider going the informal route.  It’s the first clue to your guests as to what sort of wedding they’re going to.

Then, be consistent!  If you address one formally, address them all formally.  If you use Mr. as your prefix, use Mrs./Miss as the prefix as well.  Don’t write one invitation to Mr. Dexter Morgan and another to Debra Morgan.  Can you tell what show I’m currently binge watching?

Want to allow someone to bring a date?  Simply write their name “and guest”.

Don’t want them to bring a guest?  Omit the word and guest on the envelope.  It makes it clear as day if they’re allowed a guest or not.  It makes the expectations very clear from the start.

If your guests have kids?

If your guests have kids and you want them to be invited, include their names on the second line envelope. Do not write “and family” because it literally means ‘and family’ and you wouldn’t believe some of the stories I have heard about the kind of RSVP cards that have come back!  I cannot stress the importance of being clear and upfront about this.  Be clear and direct about who is specifically invited.

I’m a visual person, so I’ve put together this handy chart to help you learn how to address your invitations like the pro that you are!

how to address wedding invitations like a pro




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how to address your wedding invitations

how to address your wedding invitations

how to address your wedding invitations

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