3 myths about wedding invitations


October 27, 2020

and bad advice that isn't true: 3 lies about wedding invitations

October 27, 2020

You’re here because you’ve never ordered wedding invitations before, and you’re curious about the process.  You might have some assumptions or ideas on how it works, and not knowing what to expect is totally okay.  I’m here to guide you through the process and educate you throughout the way.  Today, let’s break down some of the biggest stereotypes and myths about custom stationery.


3 myths about wedding invitations

It’s Just a Piece of Paper

Ahhhh, my heart!  When someone comes to me and says it’s “just a piece of paper” and “everyone throws them away”, I know they’re not an ideal client.  Why?  Becuase they’re heirlooms, keepsakes, and girlfriend — these babies set the tone for your entire wedding.  Yes, it’s paper.  Yes, some people will throw them away.  But honey, what do you think is going to happen to all that food you’re spending money on?

Invitations are the first impression of your entire wedding.  I know you’ve picked out your venue, dress, flowers, cake and music with precision and care.  Your paper goods are the preview to all the other details to come.  Your wedding invitations set the tone and subconsciously tell your guests what to wear.

Believe me, it’s an heirloom and much more than a piece of paper. Your guests will be excited to open your invitation.  The envelope will be luxurious and elegant.  Imagine the look on their faces when they see their names in gorgeous calligraphy scrolling across the envelope.  Tucked carefully inside is an elegant invitation on the thickest, most pillow-y paper available in the industry and it came from you.

3 myths about wedding invitations

It’s Boring

Oh honey, long gone are the days of boring and traditional wedding invitations.  Of course, if that’s your thing, then go for it, but we may not be the best fit and that’s okay.  Even 12 years ago, when I was getting married, books were all the rage.  My mom took me to Party City (yes!!!!) to pick out wedding invitations and I just about died.  My choices were to select ribbon color and font style, and that was it.  Now you know how Blush Paper Co. was born in the most simplistic of terms — and why I designed my own wedding invitations!  With creative ideas flowing, brides wanting to put their own mark on everything, and endless possibilities, we now have custom stationers to work with.

Let’s inject your personality and design aesthetic into your invitations.  Let’s tell your love story with color, graphics and paper.

A few of my favorite ways to do this?  Flowing script, floral elements, lace design that gives a nod toward your wedding dress, hints of your favorite thing, monograms, envelope liners, and print techniques.  We’ll work hand in hand to incorporate your personality into the paper goods so it’s truly one of a kind and reflective of you and your style.

3 myths about wedding invitations


Custom Wedding Invitations are Expensive

First things first:  Expensive is a subjective term.  What’s expensive to you could be a total steal for someone else.  It’s totally possible that custom invitations will be too expensive for Bride A, but be reasonable for Bride B.  But, the really cool thing about working with a custom stationer is that we can make adjustments and recommendations to fit within your budget.  So, don’t rule out the idea of custom stationery!  

Before you skip out on custom wedding invitations and go straight to the online discount stores and start typing in all the coupon codes, take the time to reach out and get a quote.  You might be surprised, and see that upgrades don’t always break the bank — not to mention that the one on one experience is absolutely priceless.

There are so many ways to work with a live designer and bring down the cost.  Choosing a semi-custom design, opting for a more budget friendly print method, forgoing some of the upgrades (like envelope liners or hand calligraphy) and more.  Take the time to get a quote before you dismiss the idea of working with a custom stationer.


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and bad advice that isn't true: 3 lies about wedding invitations

and bad advice that isn't true: 3 lies about wedding invitations

and bad advice that isn't true: 3 lies about wedding invitations

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