November 15, 2011

{made with love} life with chloe.

November 15, 2011

My baby girl will be ONE MONTH OLD on the 21st, you guys. ONE MONTH! Where has this month gone? Why is time going by so fast? It feels like she’s been here for a week, and time is flashing before my eyes. She’s grown so much in these three short weeks, and I find myself saying things like “Stop growing! I haven’t had enough time to kiss your tiny hands or counting your tiny toes!”

The last three weeks have been so humbling and so full of love. We have been blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. I find myself getting lost in her eyes. She has big, beautiful dark blue eyes. It’s nearly impossible not to melt looking into her eyes.

It absolutely amazes me how big of a personality this little one already has. I spent ten months growing her in my belly, and during that time I got to know who she was. I knew that she didn’t like thunderstorms (she would kick something fierce during a thunder-clap!), and that she liked hot sauce (she’d roll somersaults whenever I gave into my craving for spice!). I knew that she had great taste in music (bean would dance in my belly every time I listened to the Foo Fighters) and that she was a night owl (just like her mama).

In three short weeks, Chloe Anne has continued to amaze me. She likes being independent & likes to watch the world around her. She likes having her hair washed and her nails filed [do I have a diva on my hands?!]. She’s already holding her head up and rolling over. I asked her pediatrician if this was normal, and she simply smiled and said, “Chloe is a strong, healthy little girl.. and it looks like she’s a fast learner, too!”

My husband was fortunate enough to be able to take three weeks off of work to stay at home with Chloe and I. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our time together. He went back to work yesterday, and I nearly cried. For three weeks, we camped out on the couch as a little family. We had breakfast, lunch and dinner as a family. We snuggled Chloe, smothered her with kisses, sang bedtime songs and told her over and over again how much we love her. We were able to learn the ins-and-outs of parenthood together. We were able to enjoy life as a family of three together. For three weeks, it was just the three of us. I truly cherish the time we had together, and I am so, so, so grateful that Ben could be home with us for such a long period of time.

I wouldn’t trade these sleepless nights for anything else in the world.



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{made with love} life with chloe.

{made with love} life with chloe.

{made with love} life with chloe.

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